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Business opportunities in Nepal

Nepal is enumerated as one of world's poorest countries according to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita. It is a country that is interlocked between great powers like India and China and has a difficult topography, inferior infrastructure, uncertain political situation, low human capital and a historically weak economic growth.

This is the negative side of Nepal but it is also possible to look at Nepal in a positive light. The difficult topography provides great opportunities for a unique tourist experience. It also creates a fantastic possibility for hydroelectric power because of the presence of gigantic mountains and numerous water courses that flow through them.

After the peace treaty of 2006 which put a stop at a bloody civil war, there have been winds of change blowing over Nepal. Economic growth has accelerated and since the election that gave birth to a government dominated by the ex- guerilla, some kind of political stability has been achieved.

Today, the economic growth scales around 5% - 6 % and that has been resulted due to improved agriculture, increased flow of tourists and a brisk growth in distribution and retail trade. This growth occurs through a strongly increasing inflow of capital from Nepalese people working abroad who send home money to their families. The biggest problem lies in the manufacturing industry with almost zero percent of growth which is mostly due to insecurity around legislation and a militant union movement.

Agriculture is the biggest sector in the country and the official export is dominated by the textile industry. So far India has been the largest business partner but since the Maoists have come into power, doors have been opened to China and an attempt to balance these great powers against one another has been initiated.

Business in Nepal is still much relation-based and a large contact network holds great importance. Direct investment is something that the new government has laid much hopes on but complicated rules and regulations still pose as a hindrance in the smooth turning of the wheel.

Artamus in Nepal

Artamus in Nepal focuses on internet marketing and on outsourcing of services. Artamus has a collaboration with the majority of IT companies in the country and can therefore offer programming and development within all big programming languages. There are also several persons involved in producing texts etc. for a number of different languages.

The company works even with investments in the country and helps Nepalese companies to reach bigger markets outside the country and we also offer services that makes establishment of international companies in Nepal easier and less complicated.

Apart from outsourcing to Nepal, there are also few interesting areas of future investment in Nepal

  • Hydroelectric power - there is a huge potential for international companies to be a part of the hydroelectric power in Nepal.
  • Infrastructure - Both road infrastructure, railway and airway must be improved or better designed.
  • Telecommunication - Like in many other countries in the region, there is an explosion of mobile phone users.
  • Tourism within a niched area and specialized ecotourism has a strong potential in the country.

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